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A spirited singer-songwriter from South Georgia - Thomasville, GA, Hannah Wright's music is inspired by the sounds of her southeastern roots. Raised on Garth Brooks and Southern Rock in a Gospel town, Wright offers a dynamically soulful take on a classic hell-raising sound.

Like many artists, Hannah began her musical journey in the church choir, but it really began generations before her. With a guitar-pickin' Papa and a classically trained pianist/tenor Grandfather, the peach didn't fall far from the orchard. Drawn to the artistry since birth, Hannah constantly filled the air around her with lyrics and melodies. In high school, she joined the Thomasville Music & Drama Troupe, a performing arts group led by Sony A&R guy, Fred Allen. After graduating nursing school, Hannah spent a couple years working as a surgical nurse in her hometown hospital, where she was nicknamed "The Singing Nurse" by Dr. Kadis, a world-renowned neurosurgeon.

In 2012, Hannah moved to Atlanta, GA as a travel nurse and began writing music professionally. Her first single "Like a Gypsy" was featured on 94.9 The Bull radio. Soon after, she was invited to perform at the 30A Songwriters Festival in Grayton Beach, FL. In 2014, Hannah moved to Nashville, TN where she began writing music with Hit Songwriters such as Arlis Albritton and Pete Sallis. In 2019, she officially released "Like a Gypsy" as her first single, quickly followed by a duet with country/R&B artist Brian Rhea titled "It Ain't Magic."

In February 2020, Hannah graced the famous Bluebird Cafe stage right before the world came to a standstill.. but that didn't stop Hannah's climb! Still working part-time as a nurse, Hannah relocated to Austin, TX in October 2020 where she stepped up as a leader in a very busy pediatric operating room while simultaneously kickstarting an original 5-piece band called "Hannah Wright & The Midnight Revelry."

The following year, Hannah released a 10-song LP titled "REVIVAL," which was produced by Donnie Reis. Each song on the gritty album was written or co-written by Wright along with a talented pool of Nashville songwriters. The album depicts the true spirit of who Hannah is as a person and a songwriter.


Since then, Hannah has returned to Nashville where her focus is centered on writing, creating and touring with her new band. Hannah has shared the stage with names such as Shelly Fairchild, Tayla Lynn, Arlo McKinley, Sweet Tea Trio and Donnie Reis from The War Hippies.

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